I Want To Do That, Too

How many of us have watched people powerfully engaged in their life’s purpose and said I want to do that, too?  Usually these people are doing very well for themselves and really don’t seem to be working hard at all.  As a matter of fact, you would swear they were playing.  We believe that it’s the work that is motivating these people, it’s not it’s the people that are motivated to do the work, so when we attempt to do what they are doing it doesn’t feel exciting to us. Their work may or may not motivate us, so we can get discouraged, and after a while of trying on everyone else’s shoes we may even start to feel like we are doomed to never experience the bliss of being purposefully engaged in our own lives.

How many of us really know what our bliss is?  Many people will come to life coaches and therapists with the same question. Can you help me figure out my life’s purpose? This question is the reason I became a Transformational Life Coach.  This was the very question that plagued me for over half my life.  

As I got to the point where I felt like I was drowning in my own circumstances, I realized that I had to take my power back.  I had to take responsibility for everything I created and really accept and love my circumstances. This meant loving and accepting even the experiences that I previously perceived as mistakes. Once I reconciled my mind and saw all of my experiences as growth opportunities, I saw that nothing; none of it was a mistake. These experiences brought me to the very point I’m at today and honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Once I accepted my reality, I was then able to start working on restoring my power. As James Allen, wrote in His life changing book, From Poverty to Power, there is absolutely no other way to true power and abiding peace but by self-control, self-government, and self-purification.” Once I embraced this trance of empowerment my life radically changed.

What is the point of pursuing passions if you’re not suited to hold onto to them? Power is what allows us to hold a dream through all of the requirements. It’s not enough to have a passion for something if you don’t have the power to hold onto it.

Ok, I’m now in a state of empowerment, now what? Purpose, what’s my purpose; why am I here?  This question is the gift, not the anxiety riddled, nagging that most believe it is. This is the existential question that we all ask ourselves.  Why am I here; and for what purpose am I to serve? I get excited just thinking about it. I know that in an empowered state the answer to this question changes and evolves as we do. We are human beings doing extraordinary things, happily playing at this game of life.

The passions are all around us, passing  by all the time, in our state of power we can pull one in and see if it suits us; see if we have the desire to hold onto it and formulate it into our reality. Once the passion is qualified then the magic happens; then we start to put our energies into the requirements that must be met to pursue the dream with integrity.  This is power through discipline! We can also decide as we start our pursuit that this really isn’t worth holding onto and we would like to give something else a try.  We then let go of this particular dream, with no judgment, and happily pursue our next passion. This is also Power!

Paradoxically, in life, hitting the bull’s-eye every time is not what makes us powerful; it’s the knowing that we have the power to change our mind any time and pursue the dreams of our hearts’ at any present moment. That’s freedom!


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