I am a spirit having an Earthly experience.

Richard Perro is a transformational life coach whose fields of expertise are Neuro Design Engineering, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and N.L.P. He is also proficient in the various esoteric sciences. Richard’s passion is to facilitate true change in his clients by removing deeply entrenched limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering goal producing beliefs. He believes that the point of life is to be passionately and blissfully engaged in our life’s purpose. He helps clients discover what that is and how to bring their dreams to reality.


Richard helps people recognize the Divinity that resides within all of us; It is his Soul’s passion. He is blessed that people have opened their hearts to him and allow him to open his heart to them. It is all about getting as close to Divinity as we can experience while in our earthly form.

“The lips will find the ears ready to hear”  – Hermes Tris Magestis

Richard has a passion called “Conversations for Transformations”, which is metaphysical facilitation. It is an alternative to, “run of the mill,” conventional therapy. It is NOT therapy, because therapy would imply illness. Richard helps a person see that all of our experiences are gifts once you see them with the proper perspective. How? By employing the wisdom of the ages, with modern sensibilities. If this interests you? Please contact Richard and get started today.

His process is simple, it’s all about empowerment. He helps connect a person to their own power by destroying their personal myth. A personal myth is the story we believe about ourselves and this most of the time is an erroneous narrative. We play judge and jury of our past and we are extremely severe in our punishments. We tend to punish ourselves over and over for the same perceived offence never changing our perspective on the issues. This just goes to show how powerful our beliefs are.