Richard helps a person see that all of our experiences are gifts once you see them with the proper perspective.

“There are no mistakes, there are just experiences which when reconciled will bear their fruit to those who are willing to see the many roads to personal enlightenment.” – Richard Perro

My process incorporates all of the modalities mentioned to hopefully give a person a greater understanding of themselves and the choices they have made. If a more conventional approach is preferred, that is not a problem.

Richard’s fields of study include Traditional Western Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Neuro Design Engineering, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Astrotheology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, and Tarot.

Detailed below are some of the services that Richard employs that could help your needs:

Transformational Life Coach – I consider it an honor and a privilege to facilitate positive change in my clients’ lives. This is my calling and my life’s work. I can think of nothing more Divine than to remove the obstacles in a persons’ life and unleash their full potential.

My method is very simple.

I provide a safe environment for my clients to unearth their debilitating believes. Once these issues are released through a trust relationship and rapport they can then open up to new possibilities. When they awaken to the new possibilities, then we uncover what their true passions are and what’s the best approach to make them happen.

We are all extraordinary beings with something unique to contribute to the all. I feel that when my clients are fully engaged in their bliss the whole world benefits from their contribution.

Numerology – 
Numerology is one of the most fascinating studies in the esoteric sciences; it is also probably the science that receives the most skepticism. How can numbers have an effect on our lives, particularly birth numbers?

Well we live in an orderly universe and our universe is based on ten; ten Cardinal numbers, ten planets in our solar system, ten digits on our hands and feet; ten shows up everywhere in our lives.

We are to pursue life with in”ten”tion, and go after things in”ten”tly! When we do not pursue our lives with intention we can experience tension. This is why it is so important to pay at”ten”tion to your life’s calling.

“Numb”ers, particularly birth numbers, demonstrate to us what our Souls having a “human experience” may be numb to. Our birth numbers give us an indication of what we are here to contribute and also some of the challengers we may experience in the process.

Astrology – 
My approach to astrology is very spiritual. I believe that we come to this Earth as Spiritual beings with certain lessons to learn and gifts to present. The Planets or “Plan-its” help us to achieve this. The position of the planets at the time of our birth is what determines our disposition or “disc-position” if you will. Having an understanding of your Birth chart will help a person understand many things that have happened in their lives. I believe that to know thyself is the most empowering knowledge that a person can ever attain. From this all things are known.

I use astrology not as a determinant of what will be but to explain what has happened and what may be happening in the present. I do not presuppose into the future because that is the God given free will that we should all determine for ourselves.